About The Group

The Creative Artisans is a Private Limited company in India leading social change. We bespoke Artisanal fabrics, on bulk supplies. Thus creating wider impact. Artisans invest skills& we offer advance finance, R&D for every order before it starts. The impact is far greater as Artisans do not carry any stock or has no worry to sell. His finance does not get blocked. The process is better than giving loans at low interest but leaving Artisans to find their way to create and sell. With rural women and men both getting work that adds value and skills, it is bringing happiness to all.

Happy Customers

Customers get bespoke Fabrics / home/ accessories

Happy Artisans

Artisans get training; Value for work, freedom from stock & sells and no dead stocks.

Happy Environment

Low carbon, Natural dye & sunlight. Mother earth is happy. We also offer GOTS certified organic cotton.

  • 44 years plus of combined experience;
  • Artisanal Fabric R&D, Design and CAD support;
  • Large Talented Artisan pool; Artisans Training & development in India.
  • Expanding to other countries.
  • Regional Teams in 9 regions
  • Happy Vendors in 9 countries convert to garments and accessories, besides India.
  • 13 Plus Years of servicing large bulk orders.

100% of our bespoke fabrics is tested and approved by one of our partner labs& color partners.

GOTS organic cotton / Modal / Conventional cotton/ Linen / Silk / Non violent (Eri) Silk / Flex / Wool / Bamboo /Jute


  • You select &send inspiration / direction.
  • Bespoke collection / CAD / Sample.
  • Create with fabric detail sheet – take approval
  • Go for sampling yardages.
  • Bulk delivery anywhere in world.


Our Customers are the biggest Testimonials, Here is the list of our top few customers.

  • RRL
  • Ralph Lauren Blue Label Women
  • Ralph Lauren Children Division
  • Ralph Lauren Men’s Division
  • Lauren
  • Eileen Fisher USA
  • Lilly Pulitzer US
  • Lands End US
  • Itochu Japan
  • Faherty Brands US
  • Bertoni Italy