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Circularity and COVID-19

Circularity and Covid 19
Man has lived at the cost of nature and other people’s lives. Since the beginning of time, mankind has interrupted Nature’s various cycles for it’s own profit, leading to drastic changes in global ecosystems and natural cycles. This reckless abuse has lead to tremendous waste generation and development of unsustainable conditions for life to exist on earth as we know it. This calls for massive changes in all stages of life right from production of raw materials to end-consumer level usage.
Keeping this thought at heart, we at Creative Artisans by HG, work to maintain such natural cycles and ensure natural balance worldwide. Every used garment is converted to be reused or recycled, taking materials out of the Waste Cycle and adding value to them. This also has a major impact on society at large by even assisting women artisans in gaining continuous and respectable employment, leading to increased quality of life.
Brands are invited to get in touch for such long term associations.

Key Benefits Of Circular Production


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