Environmental Impact

All our fabrics helps sustain environment, here is our rating system

Environmental Impact:

We have created a simple 5-star environmental impact scale for you. We do offer various certifications including GOTS Certification. The scale provides a simpler classification.

1 Star: Chemicals are used in the processing of the yarn, fabric and finishing. Fabric is not compostable*. Illustration: Polyester.

2 Star: Conventional Mill fabric that uses chemicals and does not recycle water. Illustration: 100% Cotton Pin Point Oxford / P/D Twill.

3 Star: One of the process of spinning / weaving / printing & finishing is using conventional chemicals in addition to herbal dyes, fabric is compostable. Illustration: Single Block printed on machine woven cotton fabric.

4 Star: Either two of the process of spinning / weaving / printing & finishing is by hand** and does not use chemicals, fabric is compostable. Illustration: Hand painted fabric on machine woven fabric. / Handloom fabric.

5 Star: All process is by hand** from spinning to weaving & finishing, Uses all chemicals that are GOTS certified or herbal, fabric is compostable Illustration: Khadi fabric dyed or printed with herbal dyes.

All our members can see the rating for each of our creations. Please join us for the benefits.

*Compostable: The process of breaking down the fabric back to nature in short time is called composting for more details please check standards ASTM 6400. The process needs industrial conditions of composting for the process to be completed. Please consult a local composting expert for more details. The accessories or thread used in the garments may not be compostable.

**Hand: Power saving helps reduce carbon. At The Creative Artisans we have worked with hand techniques for decades and are promoting it as it helps in bringing the human race closer to nature. Please look for our range on Khadi, Handloom and Home spun fabrics.