Adopting the new IKAT MADRAS. We bridged real ikat and real madras and made new IKAT MADRAS. We offer bespoke services so can sample and create all you wish! Here are some concept fabrics on the technique.

Printed Madras

Light breathing Madras used as print base. We created line of fabrics that is hand printed as well as machine printed take a look.

Block Printed

A line of fabrics created using the block and hand printed for you considering indigo as theme as well as other colours is ready for sampling as well as further developments. Please take a look.

Slub Madras

We have range of Madras in production that is using slub on warp and weft and that can be easily taken for the yarn dyed or the print. Write to us for more information as the same is print, embroidery and yarn dyed options under making.

Ikat – Real Ikat

Original hand yarn dyed Ikat. Take a look

Patched Madras: Preppy – Theme and much more:

We created line of fabrics and then patched it using creative options. Got the line ready for you for quick sampling. Take a look