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Dushyant Parikh

Founder & CEO

As the founder and CEO of Creative Artisans, by HG, my aim is to weave innovative design and social responsibility together in the field of artisanal textiles. Testimonial to my work is our presence today in the collections of international fashion brands and in 130+ stores worldwide. I have an unwavering vision to bring together artisanal skills from different corners of India and facilitate their access to the international market. My global experience of 8 years in the Hong Kong market makes me a great partner for international customers who are unfamiliar with the Indian textile market. I aim to give established designers a unique opportunity to tap into their hitherto undiscovered potential with the assistance of professionals knowledgeable of the nuances of Indian artisanal textiles. Since 2002, we have created employment for over 25,000 individuals from artisanal families all over India, with emphasis on women and disabled workers. We have been nominated by designers from all over the world for artisanal textiles.

Bela Parikh

Founder Director / Head of Merchandising:

With more than 20 years of experience in Textiles. She started her career in the medical field as cancer oncology pathology field later moved to Textile field. Having lived in Hong Kong and then worked with International clients, she is pretty much aware of the detailing and the follow up that each order needs. She has vast experience of working with women in self-help groups and is also volunteer at the Art of Living and other organisations. She loves to help artisans excel and ensure the flow of raw material, finance is well-taken care for each artisan.

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Dipak Patel

Consultant – All India Rural development Tier 3&4 towns

Dipak Patel, Masters in Commerce in 1986. I have worked as a Khadi Development Officer for over 30 years. But my roots with khadi goes beyond my profession. I have lived in Gandhi Ashram for 24 years, the place where Mahatma himself use to spin khadi from cotton. In the 1960s, my father worked in Gujarat State Khadi and village industry board. My mother worked in Gujarat khadi Gramodhyog mandal for 37 years. This institute of khadi is located in Gandhi Ashram. So I have been associated with khadi at my home and at work. My work with khadi goes beyond my job as I have been actively participating in the development of designer khadi. I acted as a khadi advisor in the development of khadi Demin with Arvind mills. I have helped a number of NIFT students in using khadi for making designer garments and projects in rural India. Extensively travelled and coordinated rural KVIC units. KVIC offers work in rural India to with about 9.4 million people.

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Arvind Sengundhar

Library Assistant

Young man with a lot of passion has the information and location of each design swatch as well as of digital data. He is Bachelor in commerce and has been working since 08/2018. He has good control of QC and production follow up.

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KM Kumar

Central and North India Consultant

Veteran Textile Specialist of Unorganised Industry in Central, North India. QC and sourcing Kumar has been with the Textile Industry since 1990 and he has done millions of meters of exports as team member focusing on QC, delivery schedules and export follow-ups. He has the knack of creating systems and follow up program with rural artisans who are not trained in the computer systems or has no formal training. He has exports experience for US, Europe, Japan and Middle Eastern markets from the unorganised industry. Needless to say, our hundred plus Artisans and NGOs are our major partners besides the esteem buyers who guides and supports us all through.

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Women & Children Development – Gujarat

She is Masters in IT & has done International Business Management. She worked for 3years+ with the bank and other financial organizations as Financial Advisor. In 2009, she got to switch to her passion as a fashion designer for local brands. She designed garments using her knowledge of ethnic Indian culture. She created a fusion of embroidery, low carbon fabrics and print. She did a lot of exhibitions locally very successfully. ‘Helping Hand’ nature is what she likes. She is supporting a lot of women empowerment program and also working with NGOs to help rural women achieve their dreams. They are needy and hard-working but lacks guidance which she is trying to fill in. Being with “The Creative Artisans by HG Group” she feels happy that she will be able to support these rural groups. She is happy she is part of the process of spreading Indian traditions worldwide with unique design support.

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