Sustainability, Low Carbon, Good to Nature

At The Creative Artisans by HG Group, right from our birth, sustainability has been the corner-stone of everything that we do.

Our founder, Dushyant Parikh’s forefather, Narhari Parikh, worked with Mahatma Gandhi promoted rural upliftment by engaging the unemployed populace in productive activities, like, hand spinning and hand weaving. The fabric made by these artisans became popular as “Khadi”. It played a major role in reviving the rural economy and became renowned as the only fabric in the world that is produced without using any electricity. That also makes khadi world’s first and only low carbon or zero carbon fabric. 

We offer GOTS, BCI certified organic cotton fabrics, ensuring that the fibre harvested is clean and good to mother nature. 

We also offer an unlimited range of artisanal technique on all the GOTS – BCI and Blue Sign Certified fabrics, making us the junction point of design meeting sustainability in the best possible way.

Why Artisanal? Why should you support it? 

Due to difference in opportunities across the world, the uneducated rural population has no chance to get premium for their work, unless it’s bespoke.

At TheCreativeArtisans, we are not only promoting artisanal techniques, but also working to create fusion and new fabrice lines, as per the design guidance shared by our clients.

We partner with designers, and make it simple and easy for them to create something new. Take a look here of what has been successfully launched in the US, Europe and Japan by our esteemed buyers.

These fabrics are not manufactured by machine, but woven by hand. It helps low carbon economy and also helps rural artisans get work. As it is bespoke, it is not a negotiation or a fair wage. We actually pay a premium to adapt the fusion techniques. 

The fusion technique is created by our creative team and lot of co-team mates as per the marked feedback, so you are assured of sustainable, artisanal, socially responsible and unique fabrics from us. 

At RRL, for example in 2009, we recreated the age-old Navajo patterns for the bags and accessories, which was later adopted in Europe for Golf bags. Yes it was in RSW wool and thus helped in decreasing the hide requirements (hopefully helping a bit in decreasing the Amazon fire created by human greed) 

We believe in the circular economy, which aims at combining reusability and artisanal techniques to unlock sustainable growth. We beleive that participation from local unemployed artisans can make a big difference in upliftment of the society.

To support our sustainability initiative, we are looking to partner with brands that also believe in circular economy. For instance, we can recycle your used brand garments into handcrafted shopping brands, which are handcrafted by our rural population. The circular economy aims as supporting not just economy, but also environment.

Please get in touch with us to know more about how you can partner with us to support this initiative.