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We use Renewable energyoffer hand made fabricsoffer Zero Carbon fabricmake fabrics from ZDHC dyes

Renewable Energy

We use Renewable energy from windmills for Yarn Dyed.

Hand made Fabrics

We offer hand made fabrics, ensuring low energy consumed

Zero/ Low Carbon Fabrics:

We offer Zero/Low Carbon fabric range, humble and hand made


All fabrics are made from dyes that are ZDHC ( Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals ( No harm to environment)


Our Commitment to

We offer hand spun hand-woven fabrics that are made with the help of the Indian Government. They collectively employ 2.5 million people. We actively contribute towards amplifying the ecological performance throughout value chains, thus enhancing the environmental benefit of our fabrics. We also advocate social wellbeing. Our motivation for driving innovation and sustainable business practices is our pursuit to positively impact people’s lives and to preserve our beautiful planet.

Key Benefits

Artisanal - Hand Crafted - low carbon
Partnership with brands for refurbish, recycle post garment use.
Organic fabrics (GOTS/BCI Compliant)
Natural dyed fabrics
Fabrics from recycled yarn (GRS compliant)
Green Energy - Renewable energy used in YD fabrics

GRS certified fabrics

We inspire and empower artisans to use GRS cotton and wool. We have been the first one to create hand prints, hand painted and mud printed indigo on GRS cotton. 

Our fabrics have gained international reputation for being environmentally sustainable,  recyclable, made with low energy and has low carbon footprints while being unique and artisanal offering design unlimited scope to work.

Environmentally sustainable production process

All our hand techniques are using hand process and natural sunlight, greatly reducing the carbon foot print.

All yarn dyeds, chambrays and dobbies we offer are GOTS compliant and environmentally sustainable. They also use wind energy and therefore no dependence on fossil fuel based energy. 

While never having used virgin polyester or nylon, we are among the first to offer post-consumer use recycled polyester hand-printed with indigo with help from ITOCHU Japan.

Solutions to Circular Economy - Partnering with global brands

At our core is to complete the natures cycle. We are partnering with brands offering complete solutions. We have developed methods to bridge gaps, connect systems to make existing linear manufacturing practices circular. The solution offers
Relaunch good garments by low carbon reprocessing.

  • Recycle unusable garments to yarn for knitting sweaters
  • All mix fibre garments being taken for use in hand making packing material.
  • Select garments taken for Artisanal weaving.
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Organic Cotton – GOTS certified

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Global Recycled Standard – Offering wool and Cotton – GRS certified. (Both post and pre consumer use)


Guild Member of NEST , a global non profit guild spread in 90 countries, 160,000 artisans network.


We offer Zero/Low Carbon fabric range, humble and hand made

Our Fabrics are tested by


SGS ( Swiss lab)


Bureau Veritas (European lab)


ITS ( Intertek testing Services – UK based)

Partner With us

Help us build a greener planet. Get in touch with us to discuss partnerships for environmentally sustainable fabrics & circular economy solutions.